Our pizza dough and sauce are made fresh from scratch every day. We use the highest quality and freshest toppings to complete each pizza.

THIN CRUST is available on all Medium, Large & Family Size Pizza’s


Personal 8″

4 slices

Medium 12″

8 slices

Large 14″

10 slices

Family 16″

12 slices

 White Rock
House-made herb-infused olive oil sauce with fresh sliced roma tomatoes, banana peppers, our own special cheese blend and topped with Bel Gioioso parmesan cheese.
$6.00 $13.00 $15.50 $18.00
House-made red sauce with sausage, pepperoni, banana peppers, green peppers, onions, black olives and our special cheese blend.
 $8.00  $16.00 $18.50  $21.00
BBQ Chicken
House made zesty BBQ sauce with roasted chicken, bacon, onions, green peppers, our own special cheese blend and sprinkled with fresh chopped cilantro.
 $8.00  $16.00 $18.50  $21.00
House-made red “fire” sauce with pepperoni, jalapeno peppers, onions, our own special cheese blend and topped with feta cheese.
 $7.00  $15.00 $17.50  $20.00
Margherita (Baked on a traditional thin crust)
House-made red sauce topped with fresh mozzarella and fresh-picked basil leaves.
 $6.00  $13.00 $15.50  $18.00
House-made red sauce with Canadian bacon, fresh sliced pineapple and our own special cheese blend. If you like spicy, try the Volcano Island made with house made “Fire” sauce!
 $6.00  $13.00 $15.50  $18.00
Carnivore (Four-Meat)
House-made red sauce. pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage, bacon, and our own special cheese blend.
 $7.00  $15.00 $17.50  $20.00
House-made red sauce with fresh sliced mushrooms, banana peppers, green peppers, onions, olives, and our own special cheese blend.
 $7.00  $15.00 $17.50  $20.00
Quattro Formaggi
House-made red sauce and our own four-cheese blend.
 $5.00  $10.00 $12.00  $14.00


Choose your size                            .

Personal 8″

4 Slices

Medium 12″

8 Slices

Large 14″

10 Slices

Family 16″

 12 Slices

Choose your size cheese pizza $5.00 $10.00 $12.00 $14.00
Choose your toppings (price/topping)  $1.00  $1.50  $1.75  $2.00
Premium Meats – Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon, Sausage, Bacon, Roasted Chicken, Salami, Meatballs, AnchoviesFruits/Veggies – Olives, Mushrooms, Onions, Banana Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Green Peppers, Pineapple, Fresh-Sliced Pineapple, Sliced TomatoesExtra Cheese – Our Special Cheese Blend, Feta, and/or ParmesanExtra Sauce“Fire” Sauce, BBQ Sauce, and/or Olive Oil & Herbs Sauce

Party Pizzas & Breadsticks

24” of amazing pizza yumminess!  That’s over 2x the size of a 16” pizza! (Please allow a minimum of 2 hours for your party pizza to be ready)

24” Cheese Party Pizza (32 square slices): $28 Each additional topping: $5
22” Party Breadsticks (40 sticks): $18 Add cheese for $5





Wood Rock Fire
Fresh romain lettuce, grape tomatoes, olives, banana peppers, and crumbled feta cheese with our house-made Wood Rock Fire Vinaigrette
$4.00 $6.50
Fresh romaine lettuce, croutons and fresh grated parmesan cheese
$4.00 $5.75
Add Chicken… $1.00 $1.50
Garden Salad
Fresh romaine lettuce, shredded carrots, sliced cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and croutons with your choice of dressing.
$4.00 $5.75
Salad Dressings: House-made Wood Rock Fire Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Respberry Vinaigrette, Italian, Home-style Ranch, Blue Cheese



Personal 6″

8 Stix

Medium 10″

12 Stix

Family 14″

16 Stix

Breadsticks $3.50 $5.50 $8.50
Cheesy Breadsticks $4.50 $7.00 $10.50
Your Choice of Dipping Sauce: House-made Red Sauce, House-made “Fire” Sauce, and Ranch

Chicken Wings


Full Order

Half Order

Chicken Wings
A generous pound of chicken cooked to perfection and flavored with one of our own homemade sauces!
$8.99 $4.99
Your Choice of Sauce: Buffalo, Garlic Buffalo, Spicy, Honey BBQ, Garlic Parmesan



Full Order: 4 Cannoli

Single (ea)

Mini Cannoli
Italian pastry rolled and filled with chocolate-chip ricotta cream
$3.00 $.85ea